Breaking codes

of the sale...

Yuzu Corp 1st digital service company dedicated to sales

Science and Technology
for your sales force

Because the sales function is changing, it is necessary to rethink your processes, methods and tools.


Sales Enablement

More than a training course, set up
your sales academy.

Pace yourself, find the right content
and shorten your sales cycles, so that you can sell
most effectively.


Sales Workspace

More than just a CRM, set up
a sales machine.

Automate your low-value tasks,
to help your sales force focus on the essentials.


Join a Sales Ops!

You need to analyse the performance of your sales force,
while integrating new technologies to serve them...

The mission of our Sales Ops is to ensure :

  • support your sales force with best practices
  • use the right tools
  • use the right indicators

Our partners

At Yuzu, we are practitioners, not theorists
Our methods, tools and advice have been tried and tested in the field

You are advised by experts, not trainees
Sales engineers, not ITengineers